Pluspoint Case: Papel Craft- Greatened Customer Experience & Strengthened Reputation for Retail Success

July 17, 2023

Papel Craft was created in 1994 with the idea of developing differentiated and exclusive products, adding innovation and quality. With 28 years in the market, it has become a reference in the stationery segment, creating a new concept: a paper boutique with design objects. The project "Papel Craft Casa" emerged in 2015 with the launch of the home decor line, featuring a curatorship of design and differentiated products that value national products. In this project, they created an unpretentious collection of homeware that is casual and comfortable. After 2 months, the clothing line was well-received by customers, and Papel Craft expanded the project by launching its first clothing collection, featuring exclusive prints and new bases in flat fabrics, knitwear, and jewellery.

Currently, Papel Craft operates 13 outlets, with 12 of them located in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, and Belo Horizonte, and one is an e-commerce platform.

However, as its repertoire expanded, so did the challenges.


  • Maintaining a competitive edge in the face of increasing online competition.
  • A need to increase the number of reviews across all sites to drive success and stand out from the competition.
  • Had below-desirable ratings for its level of service, with 4-star references in specific locations.
  • Their Google shop pages were in high demand for responses to customers comments, which were being done manually.
  • Improvement on the turnaround time for communication and engagement on existing marketing channels.


  • Boost the number of online reviews for all their physical and digital outlets.
  • Ascend their Google Ranking and optimize SEO performance.
  • Fortify their communication with potential and existing customers across various channels.
  • Enhance the customer journey and protect their brand reputation by promptly addressing complaints and queries.
  • Unleash time-sensitive, one-off promotional campaigns to stimulate sales.


  • Initiated SMS surveys to tap into customer insights and generate valuable feedback.
  • Introduced QR codes in physical stores, enabling customers to provide feedback conveniently while in-store.
  • Incorporated Google Chat via Pluspoint, enabling customers to directly message the business on Google Search and Google Maps, streamlining customer communication through Pluspoint’s Inbox feature.
  • Launched SMS campaigns to engage customers and promote time-sensitive offers.


  • An extraordinary +687% growth in Google reviews.
  • An uplift of +0.36 in customer reviews, reflecting improved customer satisfaction.
  • A whopping +270% boost in traffic on Google Maps, leading to enhanced visibility.
  • A remarkable 96% CTR after delivering 100% on an SMS campaign.
Pluspoint's QR Code close to the cashier.
Marianna Oliveira, Marketing Director at Papel Craft, shared her experience: "Pluspoint supported us by organising our Google pages, improving our customer response time, and giving us a clearer understanding of what our customer's in-store experience was like."

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