Pluspoint Case: Astra Dent Elevates Online Reputation and Customer Engagement with Pluspoint

October 3, 2023

For 17 years, Astra Dent has been a leading dental clinic network in Ukraine, boasting European-level service standards. With more than 100 experienced doctors across 12 strategically located clinics in different parts of Ukraine, Astra Dent has been the go-to destination for premium dental care. Known for their commitment to excellence, they nevertheless faced challenges in online reputation management, customer feedback collection, and maintaining a robust online presence.


  • Low Engagement with QR Codes: Utilizing QR codes to gather patient feedback led to very low response rates.
  • Negative Online Reviews: Despite high internal satisfaction rates, Google reviews largely painted a different picture.
  • Ineffective Incentives: Offering discounts to encourage positive reviews yielded unsatisfactory results.
  • Time-Consuming Online Profile Management: Managing 12 different locations' online profiles, social postings, and customer inquiries became overly cumbersome.


  • Boost the volume and quality of online reviews.
  • Improve real-time customer feedback mechanisms.
  • Streamline multi-location online presence and reputation management.


  • Automated Patient Satisfaction Surveys: Pluspoint’s SMS-based surveys provided real-time feedback, enabling immediate action on any complaints.
  • Strategic QR Codes: QR codes were relocated to waiting rooms and printouts, capturing patient sentiment at multiple touchpoints.
  • Targeted Review Solicitation: Satisfied customers were directly encouraged to leave reviews on Google and Facebook or follow the clinic on Instagram.
  • Centralized Marketing Campaigns: Pluspoint served as the hub for Astra Dent's segmented SMS campaigns and social postings.
  • Automated Review Replies: Pluspoint handled automated responses to Google reviews, saving time and ensuring consistency.


  • Boost in Reviews: A dramatic 830% growth in online reviews, escalating from 21 to 176 per month.
  • Enhanced Star Ratings: The average star-rating went up by 0.75, from an initial 3.98 to a commendable 4.73.
  • Increased Social Engagements: A 30% growth in social profile engagement rates.
  • Operational Efficiency: Pluspoint's automation capabilities significantly reduced the time spent on online profile and reputation management, freeing up resources to focus on other strategic goals related to network expansion.
"Within just three months of using Pluspoint, we've seen a transformative impact on our online reputation. The platform is exceptionally effective in generating positive sentiments among our patient base. As a result, the Google star ratings for all 12 of our locations have exceeded 4 stars. This has been a game-changer for us in terms of brand image and customer trust."
- Anastasia Tiumentseva, Director of Marketing, Astra Dent

If you're looking to revamp your online reputation, elevate customer engagement, and streamline your multi-location marketing operations like Astra Dent, consider partnering with Pluspoint. Our suite of features is designed to attract, convert, and delight your customer base, freeing your team to focus on strategic growth objectives. Get in touch with us to learn more.