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Visualization of the online review management feature.Showcase of both manual and automatic reply functionalities for responding to Google reviews.Visualization of keywords and sentiment analysis from customer reviews.Showcase of review widgets that can be integrated into websites, displaying real-time customer feedback to enhance credibility and trust among prospective clients.

Consolidate Reviews in a Single Dashboard

Say goodbye to toggling between different review sites. Our centralized dashboard aggregates your reviews from major platforms like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and TripAdvisor, giving you a comprehensive view of what customers are saying about your business.

Visualization of the online review management feature.

Streamline Replies with Automation and Templates

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience. Auto-reply to incoming reviews or utilize pre-built templates to respond quickly and appropriately, enhancing customer interaction without sacrificing efficiency.

Showcase of both manual and automatic reply functionalities for responding to Google reviews.

Uncover Deep Insights with Keyword and Sentiment Analysis

Go beyond the star rating. Our advanced keyword and sentiment analysis tools dissect the nuances in customer reviews, providing actionable insights. Understand what specific aspects of your business resonate with customers, and what needs improvement.

Visualization of keywords and sentiment analysis from customer reviews.

Showcase Positive Reviews with Website Widgets

Elevate your online presence by displaying your positive reviews directly on your website. Our customizable widgets make it simple to integrate real customer feedback, boosting trust and encouraging conversions.

Showcase of review widgets that can be integrated into websites, displaying real-time customer feedback to enhance credibility and trust among prospective clients.

Their success, in words

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Pluspoint has become an integral part of our strategy, elevating our average rating from 3.3 to 4.7. Their intuitive platform and exceptional service have seamlessly streamlined our online engagement, transforming how we connect with our customers and manage our online presence. It's refreshing to work with a team that truly understands the nuances of our industry and is committed to our success. Their team’s dedication to our success is evident in every interaction and result.

Vanessa do Carmo

Chief Marketing Officer

Since adopting Pluspoint six months ago, our car dealership group has seen an impressive 385% increase in Google reviews. The integration of SMS and QR code-based surveys, coupled with vigilant monitoring of online reviews, ensures we're always in tune with customer feedback. Real-time notifications have been a game-changer, allowing us to promptly address and resolve any customer concerns.

Andriy Nesterenko


Starting to work with Pluspoint was extremely important for GSC, since it allowed us to get immediate and easy access to customer feedback, guarantee prompt responses, ensure teams are focused on acting on this feedback and improving our visibility and reputation. All of these themes are of extreme importance to us and we are very happy with what we are achieving so far using Pluspoint.

Goncalo Salgado

Group Director

Within just three months of using Pluspoint, we've seen a transformative impact on our online reputation. As a result, the Google star ratings for all 12 of our locations have exceeded 4 stars. This has been a game-changer for us in terms of brand image and customer trust.

Anastasia Tiumentseva

Director of Marketing

Pluspoint supported us by organizing our Google pages, improving our customer response time and giving us a clearer understanding of what our customer's in-store experience was like.

Marianna Oliveira

Marketing Director

Sergii and his team have created a fantastic tool which I have adapted for my own business after he started using my Coworking Space. It really does give you a full overview and ownership of your reviews and feedback and makes giving a high level of customer service very easy.

Roy Gibb

Co-working owner

I was impressed to see the impact that Pluspoint has had on my salon in just one month of use. With their help, I have been able to reach 100 reviews on Google. The Pluspoint team assisted me in monitoring and responding to all of my reviews quickly and professionally.

Josep Toledano

Beauty salon owner

Pluspoint has been instrumental in enhancing the search ranking position of my restaurant. The capability to promptly address complaints and identify issues has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and drawn in new clients. I strongly recommend Pluspoint to any restaurant aiming to boost their online presence.

Manoj Lakhani

Restaurant Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, involves a range of strategies and actions aimed at monitoring, influencing, and improving how your business is perceived online. With Pluspoint, you can centralize this effort, integrating reviews from multiple platforms and using analytics to gain a holistic view of your online reputation.

2. Why is Online Reputation Management Crucial for My Business?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is pivotal as 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their buying decisions. Pluspoint's ORM features enable you to proactively manage your online reputation across multiple review sites, thereby directly affecting customer acquisition and revenue growth.

3. Is it Acceptable to Request Business Reviews from Customers?

Of course, Pluspoint's platform facilitates the process of soliciting reviews from your customers. By automating the review request workflow, we make it simple and efficient to collect genuine feedback across multiple channels, ultimately helping to improve your online visibility and brand reputation.

4. What review platforms does Pluspoint integrate with?

Our system integrates with leading review sites such as Google, TrustPilot, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, among many others, for a comprehensive online presence.

5. Is it possible to respond to reviews directly from the Pluspoint dashboard?

Absolutely, you can respond to reviews in real-time right from your Pluspoint dashboard, without having to log into each review site individually.

6. Can I customize my review replies based on the star rating?

Yes, Pluspoint's platform allows you to tailor auto-replies depending on the review's star rating, ensuring an appropriate response every time.

7. What insights can Pluspoint's Analytics feature offer me?

Pluspoint's Analytics allows you to drill down into each location's performance, analyzing ratings and feedback across various review sites. This gives you actionable insights to optimize local strategies while maintaining a consistent brand image.

8. Does Pluspoint offer any training or support for review management?

Yes, we offer comprehensive customer support and training resources to help you make the most of our review management features.


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