Pluspoint Case: Bogdan Auto - Car dealership group with 10+ locations

August 23, 2022

Bogdan Auto is a car dealership group with 10+ locations in Eastern Europe. It is a licensed dealer of Hyundai, Subaru, Haval, Great Wall and other brands. Because of intense competition between other dealers and brands, car dealerships usually do not make much money selling cars. Instead, they rely on after-sales services to ensure their customers are happy and keep returning to maintain and repair their vehicles for years. Therefore, customer loyalty is the key to success in this industry. 


  • Car sales and margins declined by double digits due to increased competition, COVID-19, and subsequent chip shortages (chips are needed for car production). 
  • Existing mystery shopping processes often provided results that had a lack of objectivity and left a lot of blind spots.
  • After-service phone calls were inefficient. The average time to resolve complaints was more than 2-weeks. 
  • Customer satisfaction levels were low; many customers sent their cars to unlicensed car workshops after their warranty period. 
  • Because of a lack of other options, customers left negative reviews publicly. Senior personnel had to deal with each public review, which made this process too expensive and ineffective.


  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, so they stay with the company for years. 
  • Have a more effective process of managing customer feedback and complaints.
  • Get better reviews as clear evidence of the benefits of the licensed dealer over unofficial dealers and workshops. 
  • Reduce the costs of aftersales calls and mystery shopping. 


  • Send Pluspoint SMS satisfaction surveys via Pluspoint to each customer who buys a car or brings their vehicle for service. 
  • Ask for customer feedback using Pluspoint QR codes in showrooms and waiting rooms.
  • Track NPS metrics weekly to see how each company performs. 
  • Implement a complaints tracking system using Pluspoint and track each resolution. 
  • Set up automatic replies to every review on Google based on a certain logic, so dealership personnel do not need to respond to each review manually.


  • Up to 385% increase in the number of Google reviews. 
  • Up to 0.78 increase in the average Google rating. 
  • The number of clients from Google grew by 20%.
  • The time to collect feedback was reduced from 2 weeks to less than two days. 
  • ROI from the implementation is 2,500%.

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