Pluspoint Case: SushiCafé - Savouring Success with 72% More Online Reviews and Counting!

September 4, 2023

For almost two decades, SushiCafé Group has been a formidable presence in the restaurant industry, captivating taste buds with their exceptional "world cuisine" offerings. As a dynamic chain of restaurants specializing in Japanese, Asian, and Italian dishes, SushiCafé Group has expanded to twelve remarkable locations, leaving an indelible mark on Lisbon's vibrant dining scene.

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, the significance of a stellar reputation and exceptional customer experience cannot be underestimated, especially for being Instagram-worthy.

Let's explore how Pluspoint's solutions addressed SushiCafé's challenges, helping out with their culinary empire.


  • Low number of reviews in certain SushiCafé restaurants.
  • Challenges in managing replies to dissatisfaction and customer queries, affecting reputation management.
  • One restaurant required reputation restoration after negative feedback.


  • Increase online reviews for all SushiCafé brands.
  • Improve Google Ranking and SEO for enhanced visibility.
  • Understand customer recommendations and complaints better to meet their demands effectively.
  • Manage customer experiences effectively and respond promptly to all reviews on their online review platforms.


  • QR Codes implementation on tables, receipts, and cashier areas to encourage reviews and feedback.
  • Automatic Replies to all customer feedback, ensuring no comment goes unnoticed, whether positive or negative.
  • Weekly Analytics checks across all chain restaurants, gaining valuable insights into customer preferences.
  • Real-time notifications to handle dissatisfaction in a timely manner.
QR codes requesting customers feedback on the food menu


  • Achieved a mouthwatering 72% increase in online reviews.
  • Successfully seasoned the average rating by +0.48 points.
  • Stirred up a substantial 17% surge in interactions on Google Business Profile.

Gonçalo Salgado, the Group Director of Sushi Café offered his insights: "Starting to work with Pluspoint was extremely important for GSC, since it allowed us to get immediate and easy access to customer feedback, guarantee prompt responses, ensure teams are focused on acting on this feedback and improving our visibility and reputation.All of these themes are of extreme importance to us and we are very happy with what we are achieving so far using Pluspoint."

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