Pluspoint Case: Boosting Online Reviews and Customer Satisfaction at Car Rental Company

March 15, 2024

Car Rental Company, a prominent holding entity in Portugal, manages a variety of car rental services under brands like CRC and Madeira Rent. Catering to both leisure and corporate sectors, the company prides itself on offering exceptional service quality and a wide-ranging, continuously updated fleet that includes everything from economical cars to luxury vehicles and minibuses. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company leverages an experienced and dynamic team dedicated to surpassing customer expectations at every turn.


Despite its strong commitment to service excellence, Car Rental Company faced several digital challenges that hindered its potential growth and customer satisfaction, including:

  • Limited Online Presence: Many locations lacked online profiles or featured outdated information, making it difficult for customers to find and engage with the brand.
  • Inefficient Feedback Collection: There was no streamlined process for collecting customer feedback or addressing complaints, leading to unresolved customer issues.
  • Online Reputation Management: A significant number of negative reviews adversely affected the company's online reputation.


In response to these challenges, Car Rental Company set forth clear objectives to enhance its digital footprint and customer experience:

  • Enhance Online Presence: Ensure all locations are easily discoverable online with accurate and updated information.
  • Streamline Feedback Management: Implement an efficient system for managing customer feedback to identify improvement areas and swiftly address complaints.
  • Boost Online Reputation: Increase the number of positive online reviews to improve overall online reputation.
  • Elevate Customer Satisfaction: Foster improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through better engagement and service delivery.


To achieve these goals, Car Rental Company partnered with Pluspoint, leveraging its comprehensive suite of AI-driven solutions to transform their digital engagement and customer relationship management. Key solutions included:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys via QR Codes: Each location manager was assigned a unique QR code, enabling easy survey distribution and enhancing the collection of customer feedback.
  • Online Profile Updates: Ensured all online profiles across multiple platforms were accurate and up-to-date, improving visibility and accessibility.
  • Automated Review Management: Integrated management of online reviews, including automatic responses and efficient collection processes, streamlined the company’s online reputation management.
  • Feedback Monitoring and NPS: Continuous monitoring of customer feedback and implementation of Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) provided valuable insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The strategic application of Pluspoint's solutions yielded remarkable outcomes for Car Rental Company:

  • Online Review Growth: The number of online reviews surged by 120%, and the average rating improved from 3.3 to 4.7, significantly enhancing the company’s online reputation.
  • Increased Survey Participation: On average, over 200 customer satisfaction surveys were completed monthly, offering deep insights into customer experiences and areas for improvement.
  • Reduction in Customer Complaints: The streamlined process for managing customer feedback led to a notable decrease in customer complaints by 3.8 times.
  • Enhanced Online Interactions: Interactions on Google Search and Google Maps increased by 52.8%, demonstrating improved online visibility and engagement.

“Pluspoint has become an integral part of our strategy. Their intuitive platform and exceptional service have seamlessly streamlined our online engagement, transforming how we connect with our customers and manage our online presence. It's refreshing to work with a team that truly understands the nuances of our industry and is committed to our success. Their team’s dedication to our success is evident in every interaction and result.” – Vanessa do Carmo, CMO, CRC

Through its partnership with Pluspoint, Car Rental Company effectively addressed its digital challenges, leading to substantial improvements in online presence, customer feedback management, online reputation, and overall customer satisfaction. This case study exemplifies how integrating modern SaaS solutions can transform customer engagement and business outcomes in the highly competitive car rental industry.

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