Pluspoint Case: Fixing “health issues” of a clinic network reputation

August 23, 2022

Reputation management is critical for clinics. Health is the most crucial thing in our life, and customers would not even consider a clinic with a low rating. And guess what? Most people have a bad mood when they feel unwell and have to visit a clinic. 

That's why the risk of getting a negative review is high, even if your service is almost impeccable. That was the case with our client.


  • All customer complaints were handled face-to-face, which caused delays and more complaints. 
  • Most people are hesitant to share negative feedback with a person. In this case, clients shared it directly to Google Reviews, which significantly dropped the network’s rating. 
  • Even though the clinic had a referral program, it was not working. Customers were hesitant to leave reviews or recommend the clinic. 
  • Clinics had a high level of customer service, but there were “blind spots" in some aspects of the customer journey. 


  • Intercept negative feedback before it became public on Google Review’s Domain.
  • Improve the online reputation of the clinics, so it does not deter new clients. 


  • We’ve helped to analyse the customer journey and find touchpoints where customers are most likely to provide feedback with QR codes. The company set up Pluspoint to intercept the negative feedback and ask for public reviews only from satisfied customers. 
  • We implemented a referral campaign with a 5% discount for every review made. 


  • The customer satisfaction metric increased by 25%.
  • Profitability has grown by 6%.
  • The number of negative public reviews has fallen dramatically – by 95%.
  • Three times more 5-star reviews.

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