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With Pluspoint, you can manage your reputation, intercept negative reviews, and get more clients.


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Display customer satisfaction and establish credibility as a trustworthy business.


Online Reviews

Have more reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and get a more positive impact on search ranking, online presence and SEO.



Manage and respond to customer feedback and increase customer loyalty  and attract more customers to your business.



Positive online image attracts more customers and drives more sales to your business.

Increase your revenue and establish dominance in the market with ease

Using our simple and streamlined online review management system for all your platfrorms and locations from one central location


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Pluspoint is your one-stop solution for online reviews, serving businesses of any size, from small to enterprise.

Small & Medium Business

Get more positive reviews on online platforms like Google, Facebook, TriAdvisor, etc.

Higher your Google Search Ranking.

Get more foot traffic and sales.

Intercept negative online reviews and improve customer satisfaction.


Better understanding of customer’s needs.

Centralize your online presence and see your weakness and strengths in every department or franchise.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve accuracy and free time for strategic tasks.

Gain data-driven insights for business decisions.

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Pluspoint supported us by organizing our Google pages, improving our customer response time and giving us a clearer understanding of what our customer's in-store experience was like.

Marianna Oliveira

Marketing Director

Sergii and his team have created a fantastic tool which I have adapted for my own business after he started using my Coworking Space. It really does give you a full overview and ownership of your reviews and feedback and makes giving a high level of customer service very easy.

Roy Gibb

Co-working owner

I was impressed to see the impact that Pluspoint has had on my salon in just one month of use. With their help, I have been able to reach 100 reviews on Google. The Pluspoint team assisted me in monitoring and responding to all of my reviews quickly and professionally.

Josep Toledano

Beauty salon owner

Pluspoint has been instrumental in enhancing the search ranking position of my restaurant. The capability to promptly address complaints and identify issues has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and drawn in new clients. I strongly recommend Pluspoint to any restaurant aiming to boost their online presence.

Manoj Lakhani

Restaurant Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover the answers to your questions with our FAQ section, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Why do we need your platform if we have a person that does this already?

• Our online platform streamlines the process of managing customer reviews, saving time and effort for the person in charge.

• It aggregates reviews from different sources, such as Google, Tripadvisor, and Facebook, etc.  into a single location, reducing manual effort required to gather and analyze data.

• Additionally,  Pluspoint provides automated responses with notifications for positive and negative reviews, freeing up time for the person in charge to focus on more complex issues. The platform also facilitates tracking and performance monitoring, helping to identify trends and patterns.

• The time saved can vary depending on the business, but our platform has the potential to save up to 90% of the time required for manual review management.

2. What can reviews do for my business?

Overall, online reviews can help your business in building its reputation, attract new customers and improve your products or services. The major benefits are:

• Improve your online visibility. Positive reviews will help a business to show in higher search results, making it more likely for potential customers to find it. Top 3 Google locations receive 63% of total traffic.

• Increase your credibility. It will help you establish your business as reputable, trustworthy and show as a good option for new customers, as  95% of visitors read reviews before making a selection.

• Generate leads. It will help you attract new customers who are searching for businesses like yours.

• Enhance customer’s engagement with your business. Responding to their review of your business will help you build a stronger relationship with them.

3. What countries does Pluspoint work in?

You can use our platform worldwide.

4. How quickly can I start using the platform?

In two minutes — that’s how much time takes to sign up. Our reputation platform is the easiest to work with. Nonetheless, we recommend hopping on a call with our onboarding manager — they will provide more insights into how to use Pluspoint.

5. How do I get more reviews for my business?

There are several ways to get more online reviews for your business. Here are some most effective tips you can do, with Pluspoint, to increase your online reviews:

• Ask for reviews. Encourage satisfied customers to leave a review by asking them directly. This can be done in person asking to scan a QR code or through a follow up survey where you can use email, SMS or WhatsApp. On average an increase of 1 star leads to 5-9% of revenue increase.

• Make sure to ask for reviews at the right time. Timing is everything. The best time to ask for a review is when the customer is most satisfied with your product or service.

• Make the process easy and fast. The easier and faster the review process is, the more likely it is that customers will leave a review.

• Respond to reviews. With our platform, we have the ability to intercept the negative for your action. Responding to both, positive and negative shows that you value your customer’s feedback and care about their experience.

6. When can I start seeing results?

The time that the results will appear will vary depending on many factors, which includes: your type of business, your competition in the sector, the strategy point of your business, your digital touchpoints, etc.

In our experience, with Pluspoint platform, you may start seeing results in the first 3 months, but as mentioned above, it will depend. We have clients that started seeing results in the very first month using our platform, and one of our customers, on their own timeline, had a 185% gross margin increase, 40% recurring visits and their client lifetime value doubled within 3 months.

7. Is my data secure?

Yes, our solution is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and Data Protection act. Simply put, we value your privacy.

8. How does the free trial work?

For 21 days, you will have full access to the Pluspoint Starter plan. Everything during your trial is completely free of charge so please feel free to add new users, set up new integrations, send new invitation requests, and try all our features. At the end of the trial, you'll be asked to choose your price plan and add your payment details if you want to continue.

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