August 23, 2022

Pluspoint Case #3: Grand Prix – a premium wellness club that needed recovering after COVID

Grand Prix is a high-end wellness and fitness club with gyms, tennis courts, a SPA centre, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a beauty salon. Like many other businesses in this industry, it was dramatically impacted by the pandemic and needed to recover fast after the COVID restrictions were lifted. 

Grand Prix focused on improving its online presence to return to the pre-pandemic numbers. The goal was to get higher ratings on Google to make it more attractive for potential customers looking for a gym or fitness classes.


  • Many established clients churned due to COVID – they started training at home or just stopped exercising. 
  • The decreased number of fitness club visitors also significantly reduced related businesses like restaurants and beauty salons. 
  • The locations were not visible on Google Maps because their rating was below 4.
  • Local SEO metrics were low; the network ranked in 9th place by request “gym near me”.


  • Improve customer experience, so people prefered Grand Prix over other gyms and recommended it to others. 
  • Become the place to be for people who want to live healthier after the lockdown. 


  • Grand Prix used Pluspoint QR codes to collect feedback and facilitate Google reviews from satisfied customers in public spaces like dressing rooms, lobbies, restaurants, etc.
  • Every 3-month customers received an SMS asking them to rate the service, and if they were satisfied, they were asked to leave a review on Google. 
  • The club administration introduced the complaints resolution process to resolve any issue identified by customers. 
  • The restaurant and beauty salon received separate listings on Google to attract customers who were not looking for fitness services. 


  • The number of positive online reviews increased by 220%, and the rating grew from 3.8 to 4.3. The club entered the top 3 Google Search and Maps results. 
  • NPS grew by 64% from –22% to +42%. 
  • Client retention increased by 10%. 
  • New customer visits grew by 182% compared to the last time, partly due to the restaurant and beauty salon visitors who later became club members. 
  • Gym significantly increased revenue by 35% compared to the pre-COVID level.

Do you want similar results for your gym? Pluspoint allows you to support rapid business transformation based on precise customer data. Crysis are always challenging but also an opportunity. Using customer data, your business can create new revenue streams even in challenging situations like a Covid.

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